Release Notes

Polars Chart Application

  • BugFix: Fixed a bad raw polars reading when VR was sending uppercase sails Ids
  • BugFix: Fixed a browser caching issue which was preventing to always retrieving the last raw polars
  • Update: Aligned Sail Ids accordingly with what VR is declaring in its polars
  • Feature: Added a way to show still-not-closed hidden races
  • Update: Tweaked the colors and opacity of the races selection banner
  • Update: Some User Agents where requesting resources at the wrong path
  • BugFix: An invalid condition was automatically hidding incoming races closer than 30 days
  • Feature: Display the foiling rate (percentage of foils usage) instead of speed ratio
  • Feature: Display tenths of degrees for the optimum upwind/downwind VMGs and maximum speed
  • Update: Updated a mispelled word in the countdown
  • Update: Updated the countdown interval for races in progress
  • Update: Updated the countdown display for closed races
  • BugFix: Calculation for best downwind VMG could be under optimum angle
  • BugFix: Fixed the maximum races' thumbnails shomn at once to prevent breaking display
  • BugFix: Fixed the "Races Closed" thumbnail when hidding and showing back a still running race
  • Feature: New Contact Form provided for direct email purpose
  • Feature: Provides the boat name in the Race thumbnail tooltip
  • Update: Added link to the Facebook page
  • Update: Help section with images made consistent with actual application
  • Update: Added colored fill inside sails curves when 'Plot Full Sails Curves' option enabled
  • Update: Help section with new Features
  • Update: Published the Release Notes (since Beta is closed)
  • Update: Added details to the Help section
  • Update: Improved page loading performance
  • Update: Increased race appearing threshold to 30 days
  • Update: Improved Performance, Accessibility and Security Issues
  • Update: Resized races thumbnails images for performance
  • BugFix: Bad HTTP request was sent to the server on races with no flag provided
  • BugFix: Images vertical alignment
  • Feature: New option to plot separated sails curves
  • Update: New Help section
  • BugFix: Wrong library path remaining in Help section files
  • Feature: Handling JSON datafiles live updates
  • Feature: New race map button
  • Feature: Handling URL Parameters
  • Feature: Handling ZIP/CSV absence on server
  • Update: New CSV Generator Favicon
  • Update: Page Title
  • Update: Exception-Proof of entire Chart code
  • Update: Paypal icon
  • Update: Moved Archive/Restore buttons
  • Update: Updated races ids according to VR Ids
  • BugFix: Races Archived imgbtn selection
  • BugFix: Correctly accepts utm_source URL parameter
  • BugFix: Integral rounding of TWA

CSV Generator Application

  • Feature: Added XML format support for MaxSea TimeZero router
  • Feature: Added support for both Sail Id spellings
  • Update: Renamed the radio button with their relative router
  • BugFix: Prevent the 'Copy to Clipboard' button from being clickable during processing
  • BugFix: Fixed a bad raw polars reading when VR was sending uppercase sails Ids
  • Update: Footer links updated with Help and Contact form
  • Update: Improved Accessibility and Security Issues
  • Feature: More output formats
  • Feature: Updated Generator axis steps